Sunday, October 17, 2010

The winner? Really?

Kind of read a tweet and even RTed it too. Something about which language is about to go hype next.

The author of the article neatly jots down so many languages, some of them I've never really heard of. But if you ask me. There is no one language that will make it. Or, if I were to rephrase it, almost all languages make it. This article kind of lead me into thinking how do we gauge the popularity of a language?

My views now prompts a simple answer: community adoption. And, I don't mean the community of people 'use a language' and 'make it popular'. It kind of goes on the lines of where the trend is going; what consumers are interested in. If it is more into mobile space, for e.g. say that consumers want to run heavy applications on their hand held devices, developers would look more into how to efficiently utilize the power of the processors, etc etc. Hence they'd look for a language or a product which would give them more productivity and the capability of writing complex software.

So these are just my views for the moment. Of course, other people definitely have other ideas. Please feel free to voice them.

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