Thursday, November 17, 2011

a javascript based menu system

I have been working on a javascript based drop down menu system. Its kind of like the menu system on your desktop word processor or browser. Functionality wise - its much more primitive than its desktop versions.

The original inspiration came from a web application which had the looks of a windows forms application - the same form surface, buttons, etc, and of course even the menus to a degree. It was being used at my client's end. It is a very old application; probably dated back to the time where DHTML was hip. The problem with it obviously was: it contained very obsolete markup. Those sort of markups only work on old versions of IE (< 5.0). And moreover, the damn thing wouldn't render on any other browser.

But I really liked the effort put into the development of the various web pages. It was developed by a different vendor; we had to maintain the application - as usual we had no idea who that vendor was, and what that vendor had done.

I am not going to really explain everything in detail. The code is simple, and the design is pretty straight forward. I am just embedding the example here:

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